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Please check the rules before requesting. Requests for preferences and imagines are currently closed. Derek and yourself had discussed a lot of things together but by far the most embarrassing and personal conversation that the two of you shared was the one about heats. Derek had been a werewolf for a lot longer than you had; he had more experience. It was strange but around the middle of August one year, it seemed as though the two of you were both on heat at the same time. Neither of you knew why this happened but Derek took a shot in the dark and guessed that it had something to with mating.

One Direction Preferences and Imagines

I just had an eye exam and my doctor was freaking out a little about how poorly I see in my current glasses. She was definitely quite surprised that I didn’t get new glasses sooner and kept saying that the image with my new glasses on might be really sharp and take a while to adjust to. She also said that she didn’t give me an extra step in power because the change was already quite big. Thanks in advance for the update if you choose to provide one.

And that word “adapting” is important, because it doesn’t happen overnight; it’s as if her visual system needs to be coaxed from ignoring the useless fog in the distance to deciphering what can now be seen.

1D – Steal My Girl Pref “Find another one ‘cause she belongs to me” Zayn. Stretched out on the couch in the apartment that you and Zayn shared, you lazily gripped the remote, sifting from various channels, trying to find something to catch your eye.

Preference 1 Valentines Day Liam: Liam had been secretive about his plans for the day. Everything had been planned out. There was even a dress bag in your closet that you were instructed not to wear. Liam had been sneaking off to answer calls and make plans all week and you were getting a little nervous. That evening, you opened the bag and saw the dress.

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Report Story Preference He’s dating your sister Zayn: You watched as your sister and Zayn cuddled up on the couch while you sat lonely on the floor. They soon began to snog and you couldn’t hold it in anymore.

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You wake up and scratch your eyes smiling to yourself knowing that it is the anniversary of when you popped out of the vagina. You hop out of bed and go to the kitchen to find something to eat. You see that Michael in cooking pancakes at the stove. He is only wearing nothing but an apron and the view you have behind him just shows his bear butt and back. He looks over his shoulder to smile at you but not burn the food on the stove in front of him.

He sets the pancakes onto a plate before coming over to give you a hug. I guess you are a good actor. You flutter your eyes open as you spot your boyfriend in the bright light trying to wake you up. You sit up immediately, smiling like an idiot. Luke laughs at your silliness joining you on the bed holding your hands as you both jump around. He bends over to the side of the bed to grab something underneath.

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August 3, at 7: You walked out of Mothercare with a bag full of baby products, like nappies and little outfits for your soon to be baby girl. Harry took a deep breath and looked sick. You felt a little teary. There was a very awkward silence. Harry put his hands on your now growing stomach before he leant in and kissed you, with so much passion and love that you could only drop your bags and smile into the kiss as paparazzi went crazy around you both.

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I think so because in these new pics his hair looks so frizzy, like the underneath hair fro the bak of the head is if you have wavy hair like him. No doubt about that R24 I suggested that on the last thread and got my ass gnawed off. New NYT piece on Lee Pace’s emergence from the HW closet after getting strong hints to hide his sexual orientation and using women friends as beards What was his sexual orientation? It seems an entirely predictable question for an interview about the cornerstone of the gay theatrical canon.

Moylan wrote, and he published Mr. Pace was so not out that occasionally gossip blogs would put him together with an actress, like his friend Judy Greer. He brought her to the premiere of ‘A Single Man.

1D Feels ( Look at us pretty bitches), Preference #20 You’re Bestfriends And Accidentally

You were spending the day with your best friend, Harry Styles. You were over at his apartment, having a lazy day. She was spoiled, she was three years younger than him, and it broke your heart that they were dating because you were in love Harry. You were hopelessly in love with him. When they walked back into the living room you put on a fake smile, holding up the DVD.

Tired of feeling like your relationship was hanging by a thread, if any. Most of all, you were tired of staying up late, waiting for Harry to get home night after night, only for him to drunkly stumble through the door at three in the morning.

Even worse, it could ruin his career. Niall was in the studio, so before he knew anything you called an abortion clinic, and grabbed your bags to make your way over. The test was still clutched in your hand, and you stared at your feet as you made your way to the door. You bumped into something solid, and looked up to see what you had hit. You stumbled over backwards, and the test went flying out of your hands. He looked at your with curious eyes, and picked it up.

Your lip trembled as he stared at the test, and you turned away to hide your face. He kneeled down beside you, and gently grabbed your hand. He wiped them away with his thumb, and gently kissed your forehead. This was the opposite reaction you had expected.

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You are his secret sister, and he introduces you to the rest of the boys. Only a week ago, you found out about your new family member, Harry Styles. His band mates knew of a sister, but none of them has met you. Today was the day you were meeting them. Harry was taking you, and the lads, for dinner.

All of the boys of One Direction are like your brothers, and they all see you as their little sister. The fans love you because you are always trying to talk to the fans as often as possible. Whenever you join your brother on tour you visit the fans outside the hotel or venue and talk to them or take pictures with them.

Coming to this small cafe has become tradition for me. Today seemed like all the rest, a few customers, and the usual busyness in the streets, people rushing to work. After a tanned boy took a seat in the booth behind me, someone else came in, and held up a gun, asking for money. I looked around, seeing people jumping to hide under the tables. But I was frozen, glued to my seat. The tanned boy who took a seat behind me, came beside me, grabbed me, and pulled me under the table. When I took a look into his brown eyes, my heart stopped.

Thanks for helping me. Police soon barged in, and got the robber, but there were lives spared. My savior almost being one of them.


I hope you all enjoy! You did what you always did and smile. You loved Harry so much and the only reason your sister is dating him is because you begged her to go to a one direction concert with you and you guys ended up staying at their same hotel and you guys met Harry and when you met Harry he seemed to actually like you and your sister always knew Harry was your favorite, but as soon as she saw him, she started flirting and throwing herself at him and it drove you nuts.

Liam: You were living with your sister and her boyfriend, Liam. Your parents had gone on a year long trip and you would rather stay with her than go with them. You were sitting on the couch watching a scary movie. Your sister walked in and you screamed. She laughed and walked off. Liam walked in and sat down on the couch opposite of you.

BSM 4 – you get kidnapped part 2 Liam: You woke up again and found yourself still tied up, but now your mouth was taped. The rope dug into your wrists leaving painful red marks on it, despite that you still desperately struggled out of the ropes, but they were tighter than you thought. The tape over your mouth was making you dizzy from having to breathe only from your nose. You started shaking, feeling tears dripping down your cheeks.

Your eyes dart to the entrance of the warehouse. The man fell back with a thud which startled the woman and she accidentally released the knife and accidentally cutting your neck. You took the opportunity to run to Liam. Liam quickly drove away from the warehouse. He pulled over a few blocks later once he knew it was safe and his face was filled with so much worry and relief.


You struggle and struggle with the new norm of twisted online dating until you finally find someone that you want to spend time with. As if that was the hardest part of dating. It happens to the best of us. Hopefully this list will help guide you on your dating journey. That would be breaking the rules. Even if you heard the perfect joke that you just have to tell him.

#40 You Have A Famous Parent(s) Louis: You sighed sitting at the large, circular table covered with an equally large white table cloth and ornate cutlery and plates. You toyed with the blood red napkin, tossing it up and down in your lap, the tiny sheet of fabric landing on the equally silky fabric of your black gown.

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1D Imagines & Preferences

After months of preparation, you were finally here. This had been the night you had been waiting for all your life, and after 4 hit singles topping the chart this year alone, you were sure to walk out with something. Harry Styles, the boy you fangirled over for ages, was standing in front of you. Maybe we can go out sometime. After a long day of recording your television show, you change into your comfortable clothes http:

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One Direction Harry Styles interrupts the show to draw attention sister