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Palestine and Israel are in conflict. Pakistan and India are in conflict as well. Pakistan and Palestine are Islamic nations whereas Israel and India are not. The letter “P” has a conflict with the letter “I”. Saturn was in the sign “Cancer” when these nations became independent. Is that a mere coincidence or Astrology working on deeper levels? Vedic Astrology is very different compared to the Western Astrology.

Vedic Astrology Predictions Related to Childbirth

Marriage is the sacred bond between two separate entities, bringing them together for a long and healthy marital life. The factors which are considered at the time of marriage are: Guna Milan is based on the position of Moon in the Natal Charts of bride and groom. The eight Kootas are:

They think that, they have the love compatibility and matchmaking technique of Vedic astrology, whereby you can know that person, which love to you so much and if you love with that person that is a perfect match for you, then you never face the love failure problem in your life.

Denial of Marriage Early Marriage There are number of factors that help to predict, an Early marriage is possible under following planetary positions; Venus should be well placed in Kendra and trikona in the star of benefic planet. Venus should not be in the company of malefic planets. Lagna lord should be strong or aspected to the 7th house.

The placement of benefic planets in the 7th house. The 2nd house should be free from affliction and with benefic rays. Denial of marriage Denial of marriage is possible where there is strong malefic influence to the 7th house, 7th lord, Venus, 2nd house, and 2nd lord. Most Asked Questions Q. In vedic astrology, seventh house of natal chart represents marriage and all aspects of marriage.

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Indian Astrology and its Components 27 Birth Stars Or Nakshatra There are total 27 birth stars in Indian astrology, each consisting 13 degrees and 20 minutes. There is a great importance of birth stars in predictive astrology as each birth or constellation is determined by transit of quickest moving planet the Moon.

All important things related to planets are revealed there.

Our core team of astrologers is expert in Vedic astrology which is based on the principles of Vedic Prediction System. The prediction stream is considered as the most reliable and accurate and also it is the most descriptive in comparison to the available prediction streams.

Every woman wishes for having a baby to nourish and call her own in her life. However, there are many women who face problems of childbirth in life. It may be inability to produce children or miscarriages or any other related situations faced in life. Often sneering comments are made on the woman for her inability for bearing a child. In such a case, the woman can seek the help of Vedic astrology to know the destiny and chances of child bearing.

With the help of Vedic astrology, the couple can start planning for the child as per the predictions and the proper timing given by the Vedic astrologers. This would help the couple to have a fruitful result in the form of a son or a daughter in future. Vedic Astrology or Jyotish Shastra is the Hindu system of astrology which has its traced origin roots in ancient Indian scriptures or Vedas.

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provides free Janam Kundli download which is also known as Janampatri or Kundali or birth chart. The Kundali or Janamptri is based on Vedic Astrol ogy. You may also view Match Making or Kundli Milan or Gun Milan or Gun Milap on this site.

The minimum matching check done is star compatibility or nakshatra porutham. Star Check or Nakshatra Compatibility check is used for calculating the compatibility between birth stars. There are various options for calculating the compatibility. Although the basic principles of judging compatibility are the same, there are variations in the standards applied in different places. Different methods are provided to suit regional practices. Manglik Dosha is determined based on position of Kuja in a horoscope and in certain positions it is considered to adversely affect the longevity of the partner.

This dosha is believed to be reduced and sometimes even eliminated by the presence of similar dosha in the horoscope of the other partner. The change from one dasa to another is considered a very difficult period for any individual. If the dasa changes for the girl as well as the boy takes place within a short span, it is believed to make life even tougher for the married couple and hence matching is not recommended in such cases.

The total Papa Dosha in a horoscope is calculated by assigning papa points for different planetary positions in the horoscope. The total papa points in the boy’s horoscope should ideally be the same or marginally higher than that of the girl for a good horoscope match.

Kundli Matching

There is a practice in India to take the name of bride and groom and use that information for matching of the horoscope. What people do is that they take the first letter of the name, try to derive a nakshatra and then match horoscope. This would have worked in olden times when the names were based strictly on nakshatra pada as explained in the namkarana sanskara post. Therefore, there would be backward lookup and an astrologer could derive back the exact nakshatra and pada based on the first letter of the name and then use the information to find out the exact kundali matching parameters.

Even now, the practice makes sense if we do not have any other information and use the name.

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Want to know how to increase chances of success? Get to know the lucky directions for you for FREE and follow them for success! Gemini Career The Gemini also known as the Twins , are very chatty talkative. They just love to communicate, mingle with different people and explore various places. They like to journey a lot and so they are always ready to move when something interesting pop-up. They dislike to be in a leadership position, or in a career that forces them to remain in the same place most of the time, since many of them, by nature, are foot-loose and fancy free.

Their preferred activities are to combine people having mutual interests, to function as a mediator or to be of some help to others. Gemini are born with the gift of speech and so they are the best communicators. Gemini represents the Air Sign, which means Twin natives are curious, sociable and mentally sharp. All occupations that stir their intellect and provide the possibility of communicating will be perfectly suitable for them.

AstroSage Magazine: Nadi: The Most Significant Match Making Factor

This astrological Yoga occurs when all the three conditions are fulfilled in a horoscope – First, Jupiter has to be in any of the Kendra or Quadrant houses 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses form the 9th house lord. Second, Venus has to be in any of the Kendra or Quadrant houses form the 11th house lord and third, Mercury has to be in any of the Kendra or Quadrant houses form the Lagna or Ascendant Lord. This is very rare and favorable combination as three conditions has to be fulfilled simultaneously for this astrological Yoga to occur.

Nadi matching is an important factor for the harmonious survival of the treasured and cherished bond, marriage. Correct match blesses the couple with all the boons of a good marriage and healthy children, whereas a mismatch could lead to unhappy married life.

The Moon is actually a natural satellite of the Earth; while the Rahu and Ketu referred as North Node and South Node respectively are shadowy points having no real existence. However, the influence of these are considered to be significant upon the native; and, therefore, for astrological purpose, these planets are considered in Indian Vedic Astrology. These planets keep transiting over the twelve zodiac signs of the zodiac viz.

And, every planet generates different results in different zodiac sign. The brief results of these planets except Rahu and Ketu disposition in various zodiac signs are mentioned below. And, one thing should also be kept in mind that single planetary placement in a horoscope like Sun in Aries or Saturn in Libra should not be taken to conclude anything. It is the overall and cumulative planetary disposition, which is required to be used for concluding.

For example, Sun in Aries is said to be giving results like famous, fond of war, adventurous, strong bones, aggressive etc. But, it is not necessary that these results may actually be taking place in the life of a person having Sun disposed in Aries zodiac sign in his vedic horoscope.

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Choose What To Do Looking for marriage compatibility, career guidance, love or relationships, muhurthas, fertility, govt jobs , remedies. Schedule Appointment We will take days to prepare and analyze horoscope. When will I get married? Will I marry a foreigner or not? Will I marry the person I love?

Horoscope Matching (First time ever to analyze Horoscope matching in scientific way) Vedic Astrology has an excellent and proven method of horoscope matching based on nakshatras (Lunar Constellations), which is called Ashtakoot milan or simply guna milap.

You will get Vedic astrological remedies within 48 hours with matchless accuracy. Kindly ask only 1 question at a time. Max characters 0 remaining. Radhekrishna Shashtri Today you will have a peaceful and comfortable day. In profession you will be doing well and keep on getting encouraging results. Career progress pace will be enhanced. You will develop a positive attitude to see the world. Honor and reputation will You will be extra considerate towards kids of the family.

You will greet others warmly and remain humble by nature. You may organize big party at home and may go out on sightseeing with family.

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Although we feature Western astrology on our site, we offer this report for a few reasons. Vedic Astrology tends to be very specific—some say fatalistic, although this is not always the case with many modern Vedic astrologers. A couple either scores well in a particular category…or not. Those who are sensitive to this type of formula should not purchase the report.

The ancient method of relationship compatibility is largely based upon the Moons of the couple though it also includes a comparison of Mars. These techniques determine the fundamental compatibility that is the foundation of the relationship.

Sep 24,  · To know more about Vedic horoscopes at the cost of accuracy, first focus some light on the concept of Vedic Astrology by which Vedic horoscopes are designed. Have a .

According to Indian Astrology, the position of the moon at birth time determines the Zodiac Sign Rasi of a person. The compatibility in these qualities is essential between the husband and wife for ensuring a long life and prosperity for their married life. This obviously points to the significance of Rasi Porutham. It acts as the remedy for the absence of other compatibilities like Gana Porutham. The compatibility of the Lords of the Birth Rasis of the bride and the bridegroom determines this Porutham.

Rasyadhipathi Porutham signifies the capabilities, long life and luck of the children born to the couple. This Porutham helps to enhance the love and affection between the couple. Vasya Porutham gains more prominence in the absense of other poruthams like Rasi Porutham and Gana Porutham.

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