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Tuesday, November 23, Convert Confessions: Young women are turning 22 without finding a suitable husband! I’m not afraid of the big bad wolf known as the shidduch crisis. For the uninitiated, what’s a shidduch crisis? The world became bigger, and now people are moving to new cities and being able to date outside their neighborhood. This has thrown the traditional matchmaking world for lack of a better example, think of Fiddler on the Roof into a tizzy. People now create “shidduch resumes” that list the “important” facts that any potential mate should see before agreeing to a first date. Why I should be afraid of the shidduch crisis: First off, I’m

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The concern that tends to come up inevitably in every case is that my heart is not there, even if intellectually I wish to go through with it. I know that my question might not be typical, but I need some guidance. In considering the issue, there are countless reasons as to why any one man may remain single for an extended period of time.

For some, it actually is a consequence of not getting set up on enough dates, or simply not yet having met the right person. However, for the most part, single men of all ages in the frum world today have little difficulty in getting set up almost as regularly as they would like, and there is generally a deeper, more profound reason for the inauspiciously sustained bachelorhood of the frum single Jewish man.

It could be a product of fear of commitment, or of apprehension regarding being able to successfully raise and provide for a family.

BINYAN ADEY AD, the premier Orthodox Jewish Shidduch organization, is headquartered in a discreet location in Flatbush at East 24th Street, Brooklyn, New York. Its nondescript facade gives no inkling of what goes on within its walls.

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This questionnaire may also be useful in the shidduchim preparation process to help a girl formulate what she is looking for in a boy, and understand which characteristics are important to her. Basic Character Is he a happy person? How do you know? What kinds of things make him upset or angry? What does he do when he is angry or upset? How do you see that?

DFS-Divorced Frum Singles group. Religious Organization. Website. Falafel Tanami. Middle Eastern Restaurant. BENNY & FILS. The people involved do all this to help others and to make their shidduch process a little less exhausting! Thank you for making this a reality and helping so many singles! Tisku L’mitzvot! See More.

It may even be the main topic of discussion, particularly amongst the mothers seated at the table. Those who have unmarried children in their upper 20s and into their 30s are particularly pre-occupied by the stressful status of their adult children. Anyone remotely connected with the frum community is aware of dozens upon dozens of older singles — some of whom are approaching their 40s.

But times have changed and divorced people have sadly gone from being singularities to almost a sub-community. The stigma has been watered down by the sheer number of those with gittim in every segment of our community. I believe there are several factors that have led to the disturbing explosion of non-viable marriages in our community. Sometimes one or both of the married parties are immature and have a fairy tale image of what marriage is about. I remember years ago seeing a cartoon in the city newspaper: The expectations of many young couples today are unrealistic — she may expect her husband to learn full time, earn lots of money on the side, and wine and dine her.

He may think she will work full time, keep an immaculate house, serve elaborate meals, bathe and put the kids to bed and look like a model out of a fashion magazine — and then fetch him his slippers. Therapy may help, but there has to be recognition that one has a problem first, and a willingness to address it. Other marriages are doomed to fail because of insidious mental illness that was not initially apparent.


Poor social skills, inadequate grooming, and an inability to read body language can destroy shidduchim. The good news is that social skills can be learned — at any age. Singles can learn communication skills, listening skills, anger management, and much more.

Nov 16,  · One of the things I like about shidduch dating the most, is the awkwardness. Unlike most normal people, I kind of like those awkward silences when the only sound that can be heard is the crunching of ice or shaking of feet, those times when you say or your date something and you just don’t know how to respond.

Judy and David met online via Frumster. They are generous in sharing their story, because they hope it will may inspire marriage-minded singles. There are many ways to meet a potential partner, in person or online, and you are likely to find internet dating sites that fit your lifestyle and values, should you choose to explore that option. Below, in their own words, Judy and David describe how they met, dated, and prepared for marriage.

Yes, it CAN happen. About one year ago, I noticed a man from Michigan checking out my profile formerly Ayn Ode Milvado, a. I quickly reviewed his profile and noticed that he seemed very spiritual — definitely a trait that was on my wishlist, he loves entertaining, he is a family man, but what really attracted me was his photo—the twinkle in his eye and the dishtowel in his hands. I love cooking, and he washes dishes.

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More and more Americans are choosing not to marry. The percentage of never married Americans over the age of 25 has more than doubled to over 20 percent. Forty five percent of these never-married Americans over the age of 25 either do not want to marry or are unsure whether they would eventually like to get married. See link Of those that do marry, over fifty percent of marriages end in divorce.

To sum up, we reside in a society that is continuously downgrading the value of families. The singles scene in the Upper West Side and Washington Heights neighborhoods of Manhattan – which hosts thousands of Jewish singles over the age twenty five – is one of its products.

The underlying assumption in this website is that the parents direct the Shidduchim process of finding shidduch prospects for their child and guiding their child through dating and getting engaged. This scenario is not always realistic.

There were two separate studies of some sort quoted in Ami which came to the same conclusion with similar numbers. At any rate my point 3 still stands. Who are the boys going out with? May 10, 7: Posted Jan 23 It is the best of times and the worst of times in the world of shidduch dating. Anecdotal evidence suggests that most single men in the various circles of Orthodox Jewry today have long lists of potential shidduchim and continuous dating opportunities. At the same time, many single women struggle with short lists and relatively infrequent dating.

This imbalance represents a looming tragedy within the community as ever-increasing numbers of women are marrying later in life or not getting married at all. Rather, the problem stems from demographic trends of a growing community coupled with a widening age gap between husbands and wives. Though age differences of up to about three years within a marriage have always been common, today we are seeing men marrying women 5, 6, or 7 years their junior with increasing frequency.

While an expanding Jewish population is a good thing, the widening marital age gap is having devastating consequences on the ratio of single men to single women within the shidduch pool. Ideally, the ratio should be 1:

Dating Exclusively

No one else in my family is frum. I have a lot of non-Jewish cousins. Unfortunately, but realistically, my brothers will probably marry non-Jewish women. I live very far away from the rest of my family, seeing them about once a year. All of these things are not normative in the frum community.

The Optimistic Shadchan: Fayge Rudman Bayla Sheva Brenner Despite the surge of traffic on the Jewish dating sites, many frum single men and women are choosing to stick with the time-honored tradition of turning to a shadchan, preferring the assistance, connection and sage advice of a .

Allow me to translate? She thinks makeup is pretty. Mascara and eyeshadow are what she finds attractive, not eyes. Foundation and contoured blush, not cheekbones. Lipliner and heavy lipstick, not the mouth HaShem created. She is in need of therapy, not an advice column. And what I find attractive is not relfective of what my parents or children find attractive — attraction is not genetic. The purpose of daughter-in-law vetting is not to save the boy time, nor does it really operate under the assumption that mothers and sons share the same taste in women.

It is to weed out daughters-in-law that the mother will not be proud of based on how she looks. Pryvat25 I just threw up a little in my mouth when I read that article. How is one girl going to stand out in a crowd if they all look like Lisa Rinna or Heidi Montag? How is a young man ever supposed to view his wife as a Ashes Chayil if her family has to pay for her to be married to him?! The Torah gives marriage to the man.

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