The Lifestyle 25 is well worth the money! This system may cost more, but what it delivers in sound quality, features and relative ease of set up is more than worth the price. The ease of calibrating the surround sound speakers was easy and entertaining all by itself. My entertainment room is 20′ X 30′. The Accoustimass Module subwoofer takes care of the rest. I also found “training” Bose’s remote to adopt to my TV, Blue Ray and Cable Box controllers was quite easy when using the on-screen tutorial. I laughed when remembering how I used to have three remotes tied together to change from one entertainment mode to another. When shopping for Home Theater component systems and comparing more than price, the Lifestyle 25 kept standing out from the crowd. The only connection between this console and the surround sound speakers is in the “Bose Link” mini DIN 9-pin connector cable. This single, relatively small cable goes from the control unit to the Acoustimass subwoofer floor-mounted module.

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My new system is: The problem I’m having is that there’s some high-frequency noise coming from somewhere. It appears that there is now an intermittent noise coming from the TV. When it’s happening, its reasonably noticable, but it does go away only to come back later.

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July 23, Right, no other Hi Fi would tend to push me towards on onboard sound card. Despite all the Dac talk you can find here, onboard sound cards are quite capable of producing excellent sound if they are set up correctly. There are good Subs, but they need very careful matching to the main speakers, they tend to be fussy about where you put them, often difficult to successfully drive from a soundcard or the amps in the active speakers and the good ones tend to cost more than you want to spend.

Basically a sub needs to move a large volume of air to produce the low frequencies. In general they fall into two categories: That means you need a physically small sub and that in turn means long throw which in turn means expensive. The coil attached to the cone surrounds a pole. As the coil travels up and down the pole in response to current, if it wobbles, it touches the pole and this makes a really horrid noise apart from anything else.

A long throw driver may have to travel a couple of inches in as near to a perfectly linear motion as possible. Next consider that at the outside of the cone is the suspension and this is all that guides the cone and coil. To get all these parts, coil, cone and suspension to travel in a linear fashion while pushing against air pressure takes a lot of doing; exact suspension, stiff enough cones but still light enough to not require a huge amounts of power, etc, etc.

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As always, if you have any questions, contact your local authorized Klipsch dealer. To reduce the risk of electric shock and fire, do not remove the cover or back plate of this device. There are no user-serviceable parts inside. Refer repairs to a Klipsch authorized service center. Risque de choc electricque, ne pas ouvrir.

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Two of the most notable 5. I know that a lot of prospective buyers find themselves contemplating between the two I did, for one. Now that I have had them both, I think I’ll write a little something of my own experience to help others decide note: Promedia was my first buy. After weeks of online research and reading countless reviews, I decided to get one of these babies. With four 2-way satellites meaning it has two drivers and dual side-firing 8″ subwoofer weighing app. Using the help of Yahoo!

The main deciding factor was the almost unanimous excellent reviews on their sound quality, which I proved to be true. Upon receiveng them and getting them properly connected, i instantly understood what everyone was talking about. Be aware though, that these speakers do NOT have digital decoding capability. I was really green in the world of PC audio connection back then, and the phrase “no digital decoding” didn’t make much sense to me – until I received the speakers.

I was a bit dumbfounded when I learned that there were three cables to connect them to my laptop, whereas my laptop only has ONE plug output. Otherwise the rear and center speakers wouldnt do anything but sit there and look pretty.

High frequency noise and ear pain

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May 25,  · Just like my car my Apartment is Bumpin as well! The Begining of the video is really Low in volume so watch out. What Ive Got: 42″ LCD WestingHouse TV Klipsch .

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Then, you just wire speaker cable from the amp to each of the ButtKicker transducers, pretty much like you are hooking up speakers. The amps can drive 4 transducers each, which you would need to wire in parallel the amp only has one output. If you buy ButtKicker’s “quick connect package”, it includes all the wiring you need as well as a “Quick Select Box” which properly splits the amp output to 4 different outputs and allows you to select which outputs are active.

They also have a package that includes the “quick connect package”, amp, and a wireless link kit. Once you install the transducers to your seating, you will want to isolate your seating on rubber isolators which most ButtKicker retailers carry.

View full Klipsch KSW specs on CNET. CNET may get a commission from these offers.

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Bose Lifestyle V25 Home Theater Channel HDMI Digital Surround System

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While no longer in production the KSW is still owned and listened to by Klipsch fans around the world. To connect with other people who are passionate about audio and interested in Klipsch products visit our open forum bulletin board.

It’s very possible but I don’t know if they would make something redundant like that. The description is so weird though. At one point it sounds like it just affects the volume level and then it sounds like it affects the dynamic range or maybe just the volume level of individual sound effects like engine noise vs wind noise vs music noise. Anyways I tried out the settings and yes the larger you go the lower the volume level gets however I did a test with the Ferrari F around Daytona in cockpit view.

I trust what my brother says about audio and I let him hear “Living Room” and “Large Theater” settings and he says that “Large Theater” is much more compressed. The engine sounds better on “Living Room” when stopped and revving it. Oh well thought for a different thread. Of course there may be other settings at play other than compression, things like gain, eq, sounds levels of effects, etc that might be changing.

The other weird thing about “Large Theater” is that the music is almost not audible at all. My in-game audio levels are for all sound effects and 90 for all music. The biggest issue is that the different models will require different tunning and settings also depending on the hardware they are used with and the users preference. The biggest issue with the BK models is that you get it playing sweet with GT but then find on a different game you have to start tweaking again.

I think that was the most annoying aspect of these and why in the end I went down the route of adding an equiliser to give greater and easier control of various frequencies too without having to change the BK or my AV menu settings. I have the same problem with my sub and going from movies to games.

Klipsch Sub 10 Repair Manual