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Billy Chubbs Billy Chubbs is a early 20’s Millennial with an impressive university degree in English and an equally impressive Electrician’s certification. He recently joined the Canadian Military and is currently serving as an officer. You can tell him how much you hate him via Twitter or just send him some good old fashioned hate mail. All photos were removed due to DMCA request. Jennifer Lawrence, come on down! Who Is Jennifer Lawrence? J-Law is also a media and public darling, widely hailed as a role model for young girls in this vilely Patriarchal world of ours. Just listen to some of the love that gets thrown her way: Jennifer understands that its not easy out there for teenage girls and actively wants to be a good role model.

Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult reportedly split again

But love between two of the biggest stars in the world seems to be a mere fantasy. A source close to the year-old star told Dailymail. There’s an intense connection between them! Lawrence recently split with year-old director Darren Aronofsky after one year of dating just last month so she is may be single and ready to mingle.

 · Jennifer Lawrence is having a fun day in the Big Apple! The year-old Passengers actress was spotted taking her dog Pippi Lawrence-Stocking for a walk on Friday (May 19) in New York

The Hunger Games – Catching Fire1: Catching Fire’ photocall during the 8th Rome Film Festival. Her penchant for off-the-cuff honesty has made her a quotable gift that keeps on giving. You see J-Law has become affectionately known for pretty much saying whatever comes to mind. In an era of media-savvy, overly-censored celebrities whose every word goes through their publicist first, the year-old actress’ honesty and relatability is a welcome change.

She says whatever she wants, whenever she wants. On how she prepares for the red carpet:

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News confirmed Wednesday that the year-old Oscar winner and year-old mother! The exes mingled at the Governors Awards in L. As the actress recently revealed in The Hollywood Reporter’s “Awards Chatter” podcast, she actually ” had a crush on him ” a year before they started rehearsing for the psychological horror film. We just kind of formed a friendship. He knew how I felt; he never told me how he felt.

 · Jennifer Lawrence is very private about her dating life. In addition to not having any form of social media, she basically never talks about her personal life, and that obviously includes her relationships. She joked in a recent interview with Glamour that her “[hymen] is growing back” because

Thanks to the increasing number of high-profile women coming out, we can now easily spot a wider range of lesbian and bi styles that includes the soft femininity of Portia de Rossi in her princess wedding gown, the classy awards night looks of Sarah Paulson , and the T-shirt and skinny jeans sensibility of Tegan and Sara. I was single and newly 21 the first time I was going to a gay club. What mattered most was what I was going to wear.

I was a college student in a rural, economically depressed area where nobody was expecting McQueen, but it mattered. In the days when same-sex relationships had to be concealed even in sexually diverse metropolitan areas, visual clues were what our queer predecessors had to go by. Often these clues invoked heteronormative gender binaries and roles. But today this is hardly unique to queer women. Popular fashion is increasingly rejecting gender binaries. Lady Gaga mixed her feminine high fashion look with drag in with her male alter ego, Jo Calderone , and again last month when she paid tribute to Frank Sinatra by dressing and performing as him at Sinatra Last week, Jaden Smith appeared in a Louis Vuitton ad wearing a skirt.

The plaid flannel shirt, once a stereotypical mainstay of the lesbian wardrobe, has found a comfortable and unquestioning home in the closets of non-queer women. The so-called lesbian haircut, which has ranged from the aforementioned buzzcut to the pixie cut to the mullet-esque coifs of the Quin twins, has also passed into the non-queer populace.

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It’s possible that this new photo could be an indication that a Red Sparrow trailer will be coming soon, since it’s been several months since the first trailer debuted back in September. It still hasn’t been confirmed when this new trailer will arrive though, but this thriller could be shaping up to be one of next year’s dark horse hits. Earlier this month, Jennifer Lawrence was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey, with the actress revealing that she was “afraid to be sexy” after the hack where the actress’ nude photos were leaked onto the internet.

Then, when Red Sparrow came along, which reunited the actress with director Francis Lawrence , who directed the actress in the final three Hunger Games movies , the actress said that it felt like she was taking back that part of her life.

 · What’s the key to Jennifer Lawrence‘s heart??! Household cleaning products! DUH. HA! The Hunger Games starlet has FINALLY confirmed our suspicions that she is back together with on-again-off

Lawrence is currently sitting, probably slouched over all casual, at the top of the A-list. The X-Men film franchise. I do feel bad for dragging her just a teeny bit on her birthday happy birthday, J. First Class, the first X-Men movie with decent reviews in 8 years, kinda made Lawrence a star. The X-Men franchise, which had modest success with First Class, was all of a sudden grandfathered into the Jennifer Lawrence phenomenon, all because she signed a three-picture deal back when she was just a year-old up-and-comer.

And when you have a star suddenly as hot as Lawrence in your cast, well, things have to change. Lawrence does not play that character. But that film ends with Mystique given reason to hate humanity, and reason to become the scheming strategist of the comics. Instead of letting Lawrence, the hero of The Hunger Games, play an outright villain, the X-Men trilogy treats Mystique as a morally gray character who always does the right thing in the end.

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August 22, By Nardine Saad Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult have the rumor mill churning with dating stories now that they’ve been spotted together again. These “X-Men” stars can’t seem to stay exes. On Tuesday, the Oscar-winning actress and her “X-Men” costar spent some cozy quality time together during a casual picnic at Montreal’s La Fontaine Park, according to E! They held hands while they walked and shared Champagne and a salad as they lazed on the grass, the site said.

She was photographed resting her head on his stomach. Catching Fire” star reunited with Hoult on the set of “X-Men:

 · Jennifer Lawrence is pretty much considered a hero in the acting biz. Through the years, she has garnered plenty of praise, played alongside some

News Jennifer Lawrence on kissing Christian Bale: Getty When Jennifer Lawrence started her acting career, Christian Bale was high on her list of potential co-stars to make out with. But the Christian Bale of her teenage mind was the muscle-bound, latex-clad crime fighter of The Dark Knight series, not the portly, balding Irving Rosenfeld of American Hustle. According to director David Russell, Lawrence was so incensed about the situation, she complained to him.

I thought, ‘Why is ‘cakewalk’ stuck in my head? He’s Fatman, not Batman. This is just me. I love the dress

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See Article History Alternative Title: At the age of 22 she won the Academy Award for best actress for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook Lionsgate Lawrence knew from an early age that she wanted to act, and she began performing in school plays and local theatre in Louisville , Kentucky. At the age of 14, in , hoping to break into acting and modeling, she went with her mother to New York City to visit talent agencies.

While there, she was discovered by a talent scout and subsequently auditioned for his agency.

According to Wednesday’s edition of The Daily Telegraph, Red Sparrow co-stars Jennifer Lawrence and Joel Edgerton are rumoured to be ://

A great smoking website about all things smoking. Everything from Hollywood celebrity smokers to candid smoking pictures and our very own original smoking models. Oh and an occasional smoking stories. Friday, March 1, Jennifer Lawrence and Miley Cyrus snapped smoking So just in the last few days we have been treated to a pair of very popular young smokers being photographed. Gotta love the paparazzi sometimes! There just aren’t many of smoking pictures of Jennifer Lawrence around.

The rumours are that she is definitely a smoker. Most recently Jennifer was photographed in Hawaii as she smoked a roll up cigarette on her balcony. The question remains to be answered if it was tobacco or marijuana. Miley Cyrus was also caught smoking this week. In fact, she was totally taken by surprise as she snuck a cigarette in her car. Just look at her reaction when she saw that she was being photographed right in the middle of an exhale!

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Chicago man in plea agreement over ‘Celebgate’ photo hacking

By Neha Prakash For the second year, filmmaker Jean-Louis Nguyen has created a video montage that remembers the year’s most headline-making moments — or as, he writes in video’s YouTube description, “the stories that brought us together this year. The video also focuses on several tragic events like the Boston Marathon bombing, the crash of Asiana flight in San Francisco and the typhoon in the Philippines. Top 10 Google Search Trends in , According to Google Viral videos also enjoyed an exciting year in , and Nguyen points out some of the most popular among them, including the Home Depot proposal , a fireman’s GoPro footage of a kitten rescue and a daughter reunited with her military dad.

 · Jennifer Lawrence and her boyfriend Darren Aronofsky have reportedly been getting serious after six months of dating.. The year-old actress and the year-old director, who met on the set of

Why does she have so many dislikes? Seychell11 Oct 19, Her career looks promising so far. I love her in a lot of movies. BooSep 13, Max Irons and Saoirse are friends. Plus with the age gap I don’t think they would be dating, she is 19 and he is This is just a rumor.

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