This is how he saw it. Healing was a slow process. The social upheaval was marked by a society divided as to how to move forward. What type of government should Italy have? Should the monarchy be reinstated , or a republic, or something else? The destroyed economy marked by a spiraling devaluation of the lira left many not much better off than they had been during the war.

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Leafy vegetation, a crystalline sea, evocative places, a faithful people and the genuine tastes of this zone are its fundamental characteristics. This is the most extensive National Park in Italy, and it encloses a tract of vast biodiversity. Numerous touristic localities line the Gargano coast, offering vacations that focus on nature, culture, and the sea.

The city also boasts numerous examples of religious architecture, among which are the Cathedral of Manfredonia and the Abbey of San Leonardo in Lama Volara. Heading toward Vieste, the spectacularly rocky coast is marked by steep precipices and overhangs, giant white boulders, and tiny beaches accessible only from the sea.

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Italy off the beaten path: This list will no doubt keep expanding as I venture back to discover more hidden gems, but for now here are some top suggestions for those wanting to get off the beaten path in Italy, something I promise you will be full of rewards. Castelmezzano against the mountains 1. Castelmezzano, Basilicata Perched against the backdrop of the Dolomiti Lucane, visiting Castelmezzano was a total accident during my recent Southern Italy road trip.

This stunning Italy hidden gem is well worth the detour from the main road cutting through Basilicata, and it comes paired up with another beauty on the opposite mountain, Pietrapertosa. While the town itself is mesmerising, especially when viewed from a distance to admire its unique location, the surrounding area is full of epic hikes, forests and national parks.

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Curious about what and where to eat in Bologna Italy? Many tourists spend their Italy trips in the ancient city of Rome, the artistic city of Florence and the watery city of Venice. Others spend time drinking wine in the rolling hills of Tuscany or eating pizza in Naples. But not so many travelers realize that Bologna is known around the world for its exciting food culture and that the best things to do in Bologna all involve food.

Yes, Bologna is a city where you can eat well and then get a train or plane to almost anywhere in Italy or beyond.

7 Ottobre Ott 17 47 one month ago Mollema gran finisseur nel G.P. Bruno Beghelli. L’olandese della Trek Segafredo anticipa il gruppo a 2 km e mezzo dal traguardo, sul podio Barbero e Belletti.

Tourism[ edit ] The coast around Mattinata The coast of Gargano houses numerous beaches and tourist facilities, including resorts such as Vieste , Peschici and Mattinata. The two major salt lakes of Lesina and Varano are located in the northern part of the peninsula. Other tourist attractions include the cathedral, the episcopal palace, the Abbey of Santa Maria of Ripalta and the volcanic rocks dating back to the Triassic Period, known as “Black Stones”, as well as the Sanctuary of San Nazario.

St Primiano and the saint sailing-race on 15 May St Nazario and the pilgrimage to the Sanctuary with the same name on July 28 Gargano Running Week is held in October, the first time in and includes trail running , skyrunning , jogging, ultra distance running and speed running. Several of these animals were subject to island gigantism. The Gargano Island fauna is known as Mikrotia fauna after an endemic rodent genus of the area.

Initially named Microtia, this had to be corrected, because the genus name Microtia was already used for butterflies. The surface features of the ancient karst developed in Mesozoic limestone. In these, sediment accumulated together with the remains of the local fauna, forming thick layers of reddish, massive or crudely stratified silty – sandy clays , known as terrae rossae “red soils “.

Through the mid- Pliocene , some of these deposits were flooded, probably due to tectonic movement of the Apulian Plate. Others were overlaid by other sediments of terrestrial or freshwater origin. In this way a buried, partially reworked paleokarst originated.

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Many of the former administrative and religious buildings surround this huge square, including the Basilica di San Petronio and the former city hall and notaries guild. For centuries, Piazza Maggiore has been the cultural and administrative heart of the city; it attracted people from all over and was where the government carried out their many functions. According to its history, the first stone was laid in the late s, but the cathedral was not finished until the late s.

A revised plan appeared in the middle of the 16th century proposing a larger cathedral — even larger than the then-current version of St.

Bergamo’s unique feature is that it has 2 city centres: the modern lower town (Città Bassa) and the stunning upper town (Città Alta), a picturesque hilltop dating back to Medieval times and surrounded by the impressive defensive walls.

From here, take the hovercraft to La Maddalena. From Sassari take freeway SS towards Oblia and follow the indications. Among the newest parks, the La Maddalena National Park protects a marine sector three times larger than its land surface area. The Park Authority has dedicated itself to promote the Park and make it accessible to a widespread public. All the 6 structures, comprised of environmental education centres, research centres, museums, etc.

The Park Authority also organizes guided visits for visitors with disabilities at the Mineral Museum. Several excursions leave daily from Palau to the main Park islands; lunch on board is included. A sample of excursions: It can be reached by hovercraft from Palau.

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Sicily (Italian: Sicilia [siˈtʃiːlja]; Sicilian: Sicilia) is the largest island in the Mediterranean is an autonomous region of Italy, in Southern Italy along with surrounding minor islands, officially referred to as Regione Siciliana.

The collapse of the motorway bridge is the latest and worst of a string of fatalities caused by roads and railways that no one bothers to keep in proper condition. In January, three people lost their lives when a train derailed outside Milan. In July , twenty-three people were killed when two trains crashed along an outdated single-track railway in Puglia.

Nor were the death tolls in earthquakes in Amatrice in fatalities and Aquila in killed mere natural disasters: This owes not only to soaring public debt, or budget deficit constraints imposed by Brussels, but a decades-long series of white elephants that ended up mired in corruption. News reporting on the Genoa disaster has aptly highlighted the general poor state of Italian infrastructure.

Still, this is no uniform picture. The high-speed trains running from Venice to Naples or Milan to Bari if no further south are prohibitively expensive for many Italians, who are forced onto slower and more cramped treni regionali. They are nonetheless far superior to, and cheaper than, anything that yet exists in, say, Britain.

This Frecciarossa service is operated by the state-owned rail infrastructure and rail service companies though officials have suggested its privatization is imminent. It is, in particular, the nexus of public works and subcontracting to private business that provides the happiest hunting ground for corruption, as various forms of bribery allow access to state funds.

In Rome, the Mafia Capitale scandal exposed in saw a vast criminal organization take over city services from road repairs to hostels for refugees. Worse is the fate of the commuters who traverse the city every day; on average they will encounter such a hole every fifteen yards.


The hotel will reopen as a Rocco Forte hotel in May following a significant refurbishment of its facilities. Located near Savelleteri di Fasano, close to the Adriatic coast, surrounded by groves of ancient olive trees and a 9 hole executive golf course, the resort is an original masseria dating back to the 16th century. A six million euro investment will greatly enhance the resort that will include a refurbishment of the existing rooms adding a number of junior suites and suites bringing the key count from 30 to 40 units.

Olga Polizzi, Director of Design for Rocco Forte Hotels will work closely with local artisans to redesign the interiors to create a unique sense of place.

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The Colosseum in Rome, built c. The Roman Empire at its greatest extent, AD. Rome , a settlement around a ford on the river Tiber conventionally founded in BC, was ruled for a period of years by a monarchical system, initially with sovereigns of Latin and Sabine origin, later by Etruscan kings. The tradition handed down seven kings: In BC, the Romans expelled the last king from their city and established an oligarchic republic.

In the wake of Julius Caesar ‘s rise and death in the first century B.

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