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Executive Summary Global economic growth slowed in , falling from 3. Economic growth in the United States also slowed in The economies of most major U. In , the U. By yearend , the dollar had appreciated The dollar depreciated, however, against the Canadian dollar by 4.

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Page Share Cite Suggested Citation: Global Networks and Local Values: The National Academies Press. There is a growing literature on market opportunities, business strategies, transaction efficiency and security, electronic cur- rency, intellectual property, tax policy, trade policy, and other regulatory issues related to doing business electronically. Indeed, the National Re- search Council has itself produced a number of reports relevant to several aspects of e-commerce.

WIPO GREEN recognizes and champions the critical role of innovation in addressing the water crisis. Water has been the main focus of WIPO GREEN’s matchmaking activities, and the WIPO GREEN Database features hundreds of innovative water solutions from around the world.

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Companies note they can repatriate funds relatively easily. When the government experiences balance of payments difficulties such as in , the government tends to impose controls on foreign exchange transactions but has showed restraint in recent years. Local business contacts claim there is also a legal parallel mechanism for conversion, i.

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I am grateful as well to Google, for Google Research Awards supporting this and related research. Abstract Explanations for the success of Silicon Valley focus on the confluence of capital and education. In this Article, I put forward a new explanation, one that better elucidates the rise of Silicon Valley as a global trader. Just as nineteenth-century American judges altered the common law in order to subsidize industrial development, American judges and legislators altered the law at the turn of the Millennium to promote the development of Internet enterprise.

Europe and Asia, by contrast, imposed strict intermediary liability regimes, inflexible intellectual property rules, and strong privacy constraints, impeding local Internet entrepreneurs. This study challenges the conventional wisdom that holds that strong intellectual property rights undergird innovation. While American law favored both commerce and speech enabled by this new medium, European and Asian jurisdictions attended more to the risks to intellectual property rights holders and, to a lesser extent, ordinary individuals.

Innovations that might be celebrated in the United States could lead to imprisonment in Japan.

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Our proprietary methods and tools leverage leading edge data mining and data analysis techniques using patents and other sources of science and technology data to provide clients with critical information and fact-based advice. Benefits are delivered with considerable efficiency and effectiveness compared to traditional approaches. Database-driven analysis and custom reporting on who competitors are, where they are located, when they became active and who they are partnered with; Partners:

WIPO Development Tools and Services 8 IP Development Matchmaking Database (IP-DMD) – an online tool for matching specific IP‑related development needs, through which.

It is also a gateway to a range of useful services. Its members partners and users include: This provides participants with the unique opportunity to directly make targeted matches in a face-to-face setting. Each matchmaking project consists of field visits by selected expert consultants who interact with key local stakeholders in order to gain a clear understanding of the technological needs on the ground.

These needs are then analysed and matched with potential technological solutions — forming the basis for a matchmaking event bringing together selected stakeholders, seekers, potential providers of solutions, the finance community, and other experts. Read the full project report. Read more about the event. It provides a checklist of key issues which should be considered when negotiating and concluding such contracts.

The checklist is not an exhaustive resource; rather it helps provides an overview, as well as links to further information. Part I Part I addresses the most relevant items to be considered when concluding a licensing agreement:

Development Agenda for WIPO

It matches developing country inventors and small businesses with limited financial means with patent attorneys, who provide pro bono legal assistance to secure patent protection. Does the Program provide direct financial assistance to inventors? No direct financial assistance is provided. For information on any type of assistance or support related to out of pocket costs e. WIPO is an international intergovernmental organization which promotes cooperation among its member states to protect intellectual property worldwide and is therefore not entitled to advise private parties.

Sri Lanka is a party to major intellectual property agreements including the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property, the Madrid Agreement for the Repression of False or Deceptive Indication of Source on Goods, the Nairobi Treaty, the Patent Co-operation.

Supreme Court of United States. Argued March 29, Although such networks can be used to share any type of digital file, recipients of respondents’ software have mostly used them to share copyrighted music and video files without authorization. Seeking damages and an injunction, a group of movie studios and other copyright holders hereinafter MGM sued respondents for their users’ copyright infringements, alleging that respondents knowingly and intentionally distributed their software to enable users to infringe copyrighted works in violation of the Copyright Act.

Respondents are aware that users employ their software primarily to download copyrighted files, although the decentralized networks do not reveal which files are copied, and when. Respondents have sometimes learned about the infringement directly when users have e-mailed questions regarding copyrighted works, and respondents have replied with guidance. Respondents are not merely passive recipients of information about infringement.

The record is replete with evidence that when they began to distribute their free software, each of them clearly voiced the objective that recipients use the software to download copyrighted works and took active steps to encourage infringement.

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It matches developing country inventors and small businesses with limited financial means with patent attorneys, who provide pro bono legal assistance to secure patent protection. Does the Program provide direct financial assistance to inventors? No direct financial assistance is provided. For information on any type of assistance or support related to out of pocket costs e.

WIPO is an international intergovernmental organization which promotes cooperation among its member states to protect intellectual property worldwide and is therefore not entitled to advise private parties. The role of WIPO in this case is to facilitate the matchmaking of inventors with limited financial means and pro bono patent attorneys.

(WIPO, National Offices, users, researchers, etc.) – Provide coaching and training to new staff or users of BI systems as required. – Organize network and benchmarking activities aiming to Title: Strategic Planning & Performance .

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WIPO GREEN and World Water Day

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The WIPO Development Agenda ensures that development considerations form an integral part of WIPO’s work. The effective implementation of the Development Agenda, including the mainstreaming of its recommendations into our substantive programs, is a key priority.

The Law of Commerce deals mainly with the sole proprietor and the simple partnerships, whereas the Companies Law regulates in detail joint stock companies, limited partnerships by shares, and limited liability companies. Each of these structures will be discussed below in details. Sole Proprietorship Formation A sole proprietor or sole trader is a natural person, who engages in a commercial activity for his or her own account.

To be licensed as a sole proprietor, the person should apply to the competent Commercial Registration Office for registration in the Commercial Register. The important requirements for this registration are: The applicant should be of at least 21 years old b. The applicant should be of Egyptian nationality unless he or she will carry out his or her activity under the Investment Law at present law no.

The applicant should use his or her own name as a trade name. This trade name should appear on his or her business firm or shop and its branches if any , and in all his or her business correspondence; d.


Indigenous peoples and local communities the world over have seen their cultural heritage used without their authorization or acknowledgement. Now they are exploring how best to protect their heritage while at the same time preserving, promoting and passing it on to future generations as well as maintaining control over its representation to the world. Digital technologies provide communities with fresh opportunities to document, record and disseminate expressions of their traditional cultures.

Yet, these can leave cultural heritage vulnerable to unwanted use and exploitation by others. The training program is a way to ensure that communities can record their cultural heritage without ceding authority over the use of the recordings.

CambridgeIP runs DiscoverIP (previously BolivenPRO) – the leading science literature database and analytics platform enabling access to over million patents, journal articles and other documents. WIPO GREEN is a matchmaking platform designed to accelerate the development and dissemination of green technologies to combat.

However, compared to other South Asian countries, Sri Lanka is relatively open to foreign investment. It offers a relatively open financial system, moderately good infrastructure, and generally capable workers. Despite the resumption of the civil war, Sri Lanka’s gross domestic product GDP grew by an estimated 6. Growth was led by telecommunications, ports, construction and manufacturing exports.

The government predicts GDP growth of 7. The Sri Lankan economy is remarkable for its resilience. Following a ceasefire in and subsequent economic reforms, the economy grew by about 5. Sri Lanka is a stable parliamentary democracy.

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