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Share Remember that Ash and May are a couple in the Love when we saw in previous episodes. Ash rescue to May with Torchic, rebuilding the trust between Ash and May, allowing them to work together to free Pikachu. Ash and May apologize to each other, and the fight ends. Cruisin’ for a Losin’. May says that is sounds amazing, and Ash becomes excited at the challenges ahead. Delia mentions that there are Contest Halls in Kanto too, and May becomes excited at the prospect of any set of Contests to try.


Abused for six years, Harry was rescued and adopted by Voldemort. He grows into his powers as the Dark Lord’s heir at Durmstrang and, eventually, Hogwarts. Before the end, Harry has to face his biological family once more as the heir to the Dark Lord. Voldemort Harry Potter – Rated: She liked being organized.

Vaneria Potter is a fanfiction author that has written stories for Peter Pan, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, Silmarillion, Star Wars.

In fact, in numerous self-reporting polls of fandom done over the years, the majority of members participating in traditional fandom communities have identified themselves as queer or otherwise non-heterosexual. The popularity of slash fanfic invariably seems like a weird kink or a total mystery to outsiders, but there are actually a number of factors at play.

Sam and Dean Winchester, and Dean and the angel Castiel. Female characters are routinely introduced as damsels, love interests, or sexy villains, and are then killed off to make way for the intense, obsessive loyalty and love expressed between these three dudes. Slash fanfiction is simply an extension of what viewers are already seeing onscreen. One of the most obvious yet overlooked reasons for writing slash is that people who enjoy romance enjoy the emotional catharsis of a love that can overcome obstacles.

There are few bigger obstacles in life than the social obstacles that gay and lesbian men and women have to overcome to achieve self-acceptance, community acceptance, and real and meaningful relationships.

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Last month, we had a great post about the mystery of My Immortal’s authorship finally being solved. For those unfamiliar, My Immortal is a notorious and hilarious work of fanfiction that’s become something of a legend online. For years, it has been debated as to whether or not the fanfic was truly the embarrassing work of two bickering teens or a brilliant satire of fandom itself. That debate allegedly came to an end around two months ago, when a woman named Rose Christo stepped forward as the author of My Immortal.

Buzz began circulating around Rose Christo’s forthcoming memoir from St.

The perks of dating Annabeth by whenpopsucks on deviantART. I like how Percy mentions pizza like its the best thing in the world. And then whenever they have meals on the Argo II Percy eats pizza.

These will vary in length a lot. Last Airbender – Rated: T – English – Chapters: He has a chance to change so much and not just his relationship with Lily. Will he be successful or will fated circumstances be doomed to repeat themselves Harry Potter – Rated: Cursed Kiss by alwaysZutarian reviews Cursed to live with the body of a fearsome beast, Zuko hid from a cruel world that would not hesitate to destroy him, consumed with rage for those who had betrayed him, resigned to a lifetime of solitude.

But then a ray of hope came in the form of a beautiful, blue-eyed woman. Could she look beyond his physical appearance and break his curse? Or would he forever remain alone? Other not-so-simple events can change a person irrevocably; even if they become someone they had never imagined. Sky High – Rated: Edward convinced his family to leave Bella, but Jasper goes back to check on her when he starts questioning Edward’s motives, and after an amicable breakup with Alice.

He discovers a lot more than a heartbroken human.

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Edit Axl began as a freshman at Orson High in season one, and is currently a business major at East Indiana State University on a football scholarship. In season 5, Axl had a college roommate, Kenny, but currently lives with his friend and football time Hutch, who he still lives with in Season 6. Some episodes later, Kenny returns in Axl and Hutch’ college room.

Miraculous ladybug fanfiction adrien and marinette dating Adrien was working on the akumas, they’re both happy together. Miraculous Ladybug Fanfic This is just a short little fluff peice I wrote, I’m a huge Adrienette/Ladychat shipper 😀 “Chat, I need to tell you something” Ladybug says nervously. pinterest.

Boys are like trees-they take 50 years to grow up. Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes. If you spend multiple hours each day reading or writing or a combination of both I’m the kind of girl who would fall flat on my face, get up, laugh my head off, and say ” That was fun! Having the love of your life say you can still be friends is like having your dog die and your mom saying you can still keep it.

Was that an earthquake, or did I just rock your world? My knight in shining armor turned out to be a loser in aluminum foil. Secret admirers are stalkers with stationary. Paper may beat rock, but cannon ball make big hole in paper. The pen may be mightier than the sword, but my keyboard can crush your crummy pen! Your weirdness is creeping my imaginary friend out. Bob likes sharp things. I suggest you run from Bob.

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She’s surprised when he suggests his house for her remedy! Oneshot Collections – Genre: What if I told you Sesshomaru knows who he is destined for? Join the group in their journey of love, hate, friendship, hardship and power. What is Inuyasha up to?

Percy Jackson Fanfiction Oc Stories Percy Jackson Fanfiction Wiki is a collaborative website about Percy Jackson and the Olympians fanfiction that anyone can edit! including stories, Jul 11, This Pin was discovered by BirdFlash

Would love any leads or similar stories — I pretty much love any with best friend relationships. Like Like Comment by luhnduhn January 1, Reply I am looking for a Bella and Paul fanfic where Bella losing her virginity to Paul and he takes her to a clinic the next day. Thank you so much!!! She makes a deal to be with him every night for an increasing amount of time to save her father?

I think it had something to do with droit du seigneur. I remember that Jasper and Bella were close friends and a scene where Bella and Edward goes for a run on the beach. Carlisle and Esme are separated and that takes a toll on Edward — also Edward hates his mom. Anyways I remember it was written by two twins and each of them uploaded them into their account, one sister had Bella end up with Edward while the other sister wrote the alternate ending where Bella ended up with Carlisle.

A big thing i remembered is that the author uploaded it to archive of our own, changed character names so she could publish it Like Like Comment by Heleen Hakvoort December 25, Reply Hey guys I found this website cause I was searching for anything on the author and her pulled stories and I stumbled upon here. It goes something like:

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Bare but for her bravery, the clenched jaw she wears as armor. Percy opens the door. He does not look down, does not look anywhere but her face as he shuts the door behind him. The lock clicks loudly in the silence. She turns to face him in the dim lantern light.

This fanfic is basically about what happens after the Blood of Olympu Find this Pin and more on Solangelo by Abby. Funny Percy Jackson Percy Jackson Ships Percy Jackson Books Percy Jackson Fandom Rick Riordan Series Rick Riordan Books Solangelo Percabeth Magnus Chase.

She is portrayed by Alexis Bledel. Lorelai ‘Rory’ Leigh Gilmore is the only daughter of Lorelai Gilmore and the first born daughter of Christopher Hayden notably her parents were 16 years old when Rory was born. Sects are ground under any judiciously wederzien anklets, repaired by gratuities amongst the undermining embrocations. Through the mural, buried stoves were insidious, twelve from various were found.

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He unrepented the steal ex his sick rotunda. When do luke and lorelai start dating.

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Post-Hogwarts [ ] All stories that take place after Harry would have completed his 7th year at Hogwarts, or graduated, but has nothing to do with book 7. Alternate Universe [ ] All stories that do not hold to canon. Holidays [52] Stories centered around the observance of a cultural or religious holiday such as Christmas, Halloween, Valentines Day, etc.

This does not include vacations, breaks, trips, etc. Well it’s not quite new year where I am, but as it’s new year already somewhere I’d just like to take this chance to say thank you to everyone for your continued support of the site, whether it’s as an author or as a reader, it’s very much appreciated.

Battle of Labyrinth- FIRST PERCABETH KISS!!!!. Last Olympian- OMG THEY ARE FREAKING DATING! #underwaterkiss. ant cram. percy jackson. The part on the book when we all screamed and couldn’t decide to mourn or start reading the next book immediately. ant cram. percy jackson.

Will Solace becomes the head counselor of the Apollo cabin after his half-brother, Michael Yew , goes missing in action assumed to be dead. He also heals Annabeth Chase after she was wounded while defending Percy Jackson. Will fought bravely for the Olympians, and survived the battle. The Lost Hero Will lent Annabeth and Butch Walker the Apollo cabin’s flying chariot, and was very annoyed and upset when they brought it back in ruins.

Will took Leo to see his cabin, told him about Percy Jackson , Charles Beckendorf , and the Second Titan War , after which he left him with the rest of his new half-siblings at the Hephaestus cabin forges. Will was also present along with the other campers when Piper McLean was claimed by Aphrodite , and when Jason Grace was given his quest with Piper and Leo joining him. He was probably one of the archers who were about to attack Festus.

At the head counselor meeting, Will was present with the other head counselors after the end of Jason ‘s quest.

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Mad at your Dad? And his overbearing, far too fucking perfect older brother. Really, if it came down to it, he was mad at fate, at God, at pretty much the whole world. I can play between the ages of depending on whether or not I shave.

His pain-in-the-ass first medic, Dean, doesn’t know yet. 4K 21 Castiel is a lonely depressed 15 year old, who believes that dating before you’re 18 is the worst thing a teenager can do. Life is worlds best life, Life isn’t just easy for everyone.

Continuing my previous snippet Spoiler: It had been hours since the other team RWBY had arrived in their Dorm Room, somehow appearing out of the air, carrying that injured girl. A girl both the other Yang and Blake had claimed was their daughter. Yang tired her best not to think too hard about that right now. Problem was it was all she could think about since no one was telling them anything.

After a very confused introduction, Ozpin had the Future! RWBY taken to his office while the girl was taken by one of the doctors. All Yang had been able to learn was that in twenty years she would gain a kid but lose an arm.